WordPress Multisite Sandbox System

WPMS, also known as WordPress Multisite has emerged in the last few years as the ideal choice of website platform for a franchise organization. Replicating microsites for each franchisee is incredibly easy, each franchisee has access and control over their content and main menu, it supports code such as the Facebook pixel or Google remarketing tag in the site header at the microsite level, and it has hundreds of SaaS integrations available via WordPress plugins.

However, just like all website platforms, it has a flaw, franchisee microsites are within one install of WordPress and thus one very large and fragile database. When you have hundreds of franchisees and their web vendors logging in and making complex changes to one WordPress install with one database you have the potential for disaster.

Our Sandbox system solves this flaw, by providing a mirror site where all franchisees and their vendors can make any change they want without the possibility of breaking the live site. When the franchisee or vendor tries to publish their changes an email is sent to the approval team which shows exactly what would be changed in the live site. In the change log, the approval team can search by City, State, Date/Time, or WP Username.

The Sandbox is remotely back-up every 12 hours. This ensures that no work in progress is ever lost and it also provides a clean copy for restore in the event that malware is accidentally uploaded to the Sandbox by a franchisee using a corrupt computer.

WordPress Multisite Sandbox: Change Log Screen/Manual Push

WordPress Multisite Sandbox Change Log Screen - Manual Push

WordPress Multisite Sandbox: Manual Push Screen

WordPress Multisite Sandbox: Manual Push Screen

WordPress Multisite Sandbox: Settings

WordPress Multisite Sandbox Settings

WordPress Multisite Sandbox: Review Changes Screen

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