A CRM needs to be more than just a holding tank for your contacts, and the purpose of this CRM is Outreach and Marketing Automation.

The email application allows you to use any custom field from your contact records to write dynamic messages that get a prospect’s attention, and more importantly with our technology those emails get delivered.

If your prospects do not check their email with frequency, then consider using our SMS/MMS application, and cultivate a real-time lead from pure marketing automation.

Outreach Apps

The system sends SMS or MMS messages with an extremely effective method delivering to all of the major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, US Cellular, Cricket, and Virgin Mobile.

Any information from the customer record can be turned into a custom field, those records can be grouped by or searched by that custom field, and dynamic messages can be written with that custom field. While some apps have limitation like text content only or messages with 160 characters or less, this app has no such limitations.  Setting up custom triggered events and integrating with other systems is easier than you can imagine.

Franchise perfect circle CRM Outreach Dashboard