Shopping for a new hosting solution for your franchise organization?

You may have to make the choice between managed and unmanaged hosting.

Dedicated Server Built for Top Performance

  • CPU : Dual Xeon E5-2620v3 (12×2.4GHz 15MB)

  • RAM : 32GB DDR4

  • MAX RAM : 96GB DDR4

  • Bandwidth : 26,000 GB

  • HDD1 : 1TB

  • HDD2 : 1TB

  • MAX Drives : 4

  • Port Speed : 100 Mbps

  • Control Panel : cPanel + Softaculous

A small business can use shared hosting, but a larger organization requires hosting with significantly more bandwidth and diskspace such as a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Dedicated Server, but what many clients don’t understand is the difference between managed vs. unmanaged hosting.

Unmanaged hosting will cost less, but there will be no support for things like installing applications, keeping components current, security patches, and troubleshooting server issues nor does it provide a control panel or web server software, you are essentially on your own in terms of network support.

Managed hosting provides a control panel such as CPanel or Plesk and full network support for your server.  The only thing network support personnel at a hosting company won’t do is act in the capacity of a Web Developer.  In managed hosting, they support the server, but web development related tasks are outside the scope of their services.

Franchise Perfect Circle provides the all-in-one solution for franchise hosting:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Diskspace
  • Network Support for the Server
  • Web Development Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Content Delivery Network
  • SSL
  • WAF Firewall
Mr. Marketing hosting data center