Franchise Perfect Circle

A Comprehensive Solution that manages the online part of your business

Many franchise organizations suffer the burden of outdated and inferior web technology, but they fear the massive disruption involved in moving away from it. Franchise Perfect Circle was designed to solve exactly this problem, and move successful franchise organizations into a modern web platform that empowers the organization’s most valued assets, their franchisees.

CRM & Outreach Apps

A CRM needs to be more than just a holding tank for your contacts, and the purpose of this CRM is Outreach and Marketing Automation.

The email application allows you to use any custom field from your contact records to write dynamic messages that get a prospect’s attention, and more importantly with our technology those emails get delivered.

If your prospects do not check their email with frequency, then consider using our SMS/MMS application, and cultivate a real-time lead from pure marketing automation.

WordPress Multisite Sandbox System

WPMS, also known as WordPress Multisite has emerged in the last few years as the ideal choice of website platform for a franchise organization. Replicating microsites for each franchisee is incredibly easy, each franchisee has access and control over their content and main menu, it supports code such as the Facebook pixel or Google remarketing tag in the site header at the microsite level, and it has hundreds of SaaS integrations available via WordPress plugins.

However, just like all website platforms, it has a flaw, franchisee microsites are within one install of WordPress and thus one very large and fragile database. When you have hundreds of franchisees and their web vendors logging in and making complex changes to one WordPress install with one database you have the potential for disaster.

Our Sandbox system solves this flaw, by providing a mirror site where all franchisees and their vendors can make any change they want without the possibility of breaking the live site. When the franchisee or vendor tries to publish their changes an email is sent to the approval team which shows exactly what would be changed in the live site. In the change log, the approval team can search by City, State, Date/Time, or WP Username.

Franchise perfect circle franchise hosting technical support

Managed Hosting & Technical Support

Our clients enjoy managed hosting on our dedicated server with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. Most franchise organizations don’t think about things like ‘server response time’ and ‘limitations on bandwidth’ until they become an issue, but as organizations scale up with more franchisee microsites, and web visitors, you need a server that can handle that volume.

While simple things in WPMS are often DIY types of tasks, you need a team of expert engineers to handle the more complex tasks, and certainly you don’t want the cost of support to eat away at money that could be spent on marketing.

We offer support at $50/hour and we even provide an estimate of time for each task prior to moving forward with it, this helps a franchise organization to control costs and estimate costs for new franchisees joining the system.

Franchise perfect circle franchise hosting technical support
Franchise perfect circle franchise web security

Website Security

While WPMS is a powerful website platform for a franchise organization, if it is not run by a capable web developer it can be incredibly insecure and vulnerable to malware attacks. We protect our clients and our servers by removing the most vulnerable aspects of a WPMS site.

We use iframe contact forms vs. plugin created contact forms, we keep the WordPress core and all plugins current with their most recent version, we ensure all passwords contain characters (not just numbers and letters), and we run DNS through CloudFlare.

We use CloudFlare to enhance page load time with their global Content Delivery Network and we use their WAF Firewall and SSL to protect our sites from malware.

Review Manager

Request Reviews via SMS & Email

We make it easy for your customers to write reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and many others. We streamline the process for the customer so all they have to do is click a link, write a review and nothing more.


Track Pending Requests and Published Reviews

The app makes it easy to see where your customers are in the review request process and it tracks your published reviews from around the web.


4 or 5 Star Reviews pushed to your Website and Social Media

Publish your best reviews on your website and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Review Slider WP Plugin

Our review slider plugin makes it easy to showcase your best reviews from around the web and it renders review schema mark-up for Google to index. Reviews and review titles within the slider are a great way to naturally put more keyword density on your location landing page which helps your local SEO performance on Google.

Customers want to see your reviews so help them by aggregating those reviews to your landing page and citing the source of the review.